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Before every ride, it is important to carry out the following safety checks on a regular basis: BRAKES: Ensure front and rear brakes work properly Ensure brake shoe pads are not over worn and are correctly positioned in relation to the rims. Ensure brake control cables are lubricated correctly, adjusted and display no obvious wear. Ensure brake levers are lubricated and tightly secured to the handlebar. WHEELS & TIRES: Ensure tires are inflated within the recommended limit as displayed on the tire sidewall. SAFETY WARNING There is a danger of wheel failure due to rim wear. Replace wheel immediately when/if any...


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Please charge the battery after its energy is consumed for 50% - 70% of its total energy, rather than waiting until the battery’s energy is fully consumed. Doing so ensures you extend your battery’s lifespan. Charge the battery pack to full after each long-distance ride. Do not charge the battery for a long time (in excess of 10 hours) in summer. Doing so may damage the battery. Recharge the battery once a month, even if your e-bike is in storage and not being used. The ideal charging temperature is between 32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C). Battery pack might not...