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After reading through the pre-ride checklist and ensuring that bike parts are securely fastened and adjusted (including your handlebars, saddle, brakes, and pedals), you're almost ready to hit the road. If you’re new to e-bikes, we recommend having a professional at your local bike shop check your work before your first ride.  But first, be sure to register your e-bike and activate your warranty HERE. Store your manual with your records in a safe place, and refer to it for more tips and recommendations so you can continue riding smoothly and safely.  Lastly, get moving and have an awesome ride!...


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To park your e-moped, lower your kickstand and grip your handlebars. Next, pull backwards while pressing your heel against the kickstand until the moped rests securely on top of the center kickstand. To disable the kickstand, grip your handlebars, and roll your e-moped forward until the kickstand snaps back into place.


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Make sure to inflate your tires to 36 PSI - this means “pounds per square inch” and it’s a unit of measurement for air pressure. You can check this with a tire gauge. We recommend checking your tire pressure often. If you need to add air to your tires, the MAXX requires a compressed air pump to fill, which you can find at your local mechanic or gas station.


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To sound your horn, press the horn icon on the left. Your lights are controlled by a switch on the right side. Flip the light switch to your desired setting. The three settings are headlights, safety lights, and lights off. To switch your headlight between high and low beams, your headlights must be on. Press the green switch on the left to choose between headlight settings. When clicked down, your high beam is on. Unless otherwise necessary, you should ride your e-moped using low beams. To activate your turn signal, pull the turn signal switch either to the left or...


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Open the storage compartment and locate the green battery switch for the e-moped. Flip the switch to the "on" position. Close the storage compartment. Insert your key into the ignition and turn the key to the right to turn on your e-moped. It is recommended that you turn off the green battery switch in your storage compartment if your e-moped is parked or not in use.

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