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After reading through the pre-ride checklist and ensuring that bike parts are securely fastened and adjusted (including your handlebars, saddle, brakes, and pedals), you're almost ready to hit the road. If you’re new to e-bikes, we recommend having a professional at your local bike shop check your work before your first ride.  But first, be sure to register your e-bike and activate your warranty HERE. You'll need your serial number found on your bike (see the diagram below). Store your manual with your records in a safe place, and refer to it for more tips and recommendations so you can continue...


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Your tires will arrive inflated and ready to ride, but always check tire pressure before hitting the road. Your FLEET has a maximum inflation of 40 PSI - this means pounds per square inch and we recommend checking this with a pressure gauge, which can be found on an air pump. We recommend checking your tire pressure often. If you need to add air to your tires, the FLEET tires can be filled with a bicycle hand pump, which you can find at most bike shops or sporting goods stores. Safely inflated tires should feel firm and slightly compressible between...


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Locate the long cardboard box in your work area and remove the battery pack. Position your battery with the lock and key facing the top of the battery on the rider's right side. Attach the battery by sliding it onto the battery frame located on the seat tube. Align it from the top of the battery frame and slide downward until it clicks into place. Turn the key to lock the battery in place.


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Your seat height is adjusted by a quick release. Pull the quick release lever. Insert your seat post past the minimum insertion line marked on the post. This ensures that the seat lock has a secure grip on your seat post. Adjust the seat to your desired height, and then tighten the adjusting nut on the quick release lever, then push the quick release lever closed to lock your seat in place. Ensure you do not over-tighten the adjusting nut by the quick release lever. Make sure your seat feels stable after you attach it. Adjust the seat angle to...


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Front brakes Locate your caliper on your front wheel. It is located on the left side next to the disc brake. Tighten the positioning screw on the tip of the caliper. The sensitivity of your brakes will depend on how far you tighten the screw on the caliper. You can adjust brake sensitivity by loosening or tightening this screw. Check your brakes by lifting the bike frame and spinning the front wheel. The front wheel should spin smoothly. Pull the left brake lever to check brake function and sensitivity. Adjust your brake sensitivity to your comfort, but ensure after every...

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