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Power-Assist allows you to choose how you want to power your e-bike. Set your power-assist level, and either use the throttle for some extra juice, or begin pedalling to get further with each pedal.  Increase or decrease your power-assist using the monitor display up and down arrows until you reach a setting you’re comfortable with. Pedal-Assist - enable when the bike is travelling faster than 2 mph.Walk-Assist - enable when the bike is travelling less than 4 mph.Cruise Control - enable when the bike is travelling faster than 5mph.


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Your e-bike is equipped with an LCD control display that monitors motor assist, speed, odometer, trip distance, riding time, and battery energy level. To turn the meter on, make sure the battery is charged in the e-bike. TURNING THE DISPLAY ON Press the power on/off button on the button selector located near the left grip on the handlebars to turn the meter on. You can adjust the motor-assist power level by pressing the INCREASE MOTOR-ASSIST [+] button or DECREASE MOTOR-ASSIST [–] button. When first riding your e-bike, you will notice that when the motor-assist function is activated, the motor will supply...


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Turn on the battery using the on/off switch. The switch is located on the left side of the frame - opposite the charging port.  Then press the ON/OFF BUTTON on the monitor display for 3 seconds. The monitor display will turn on. Once your monitor display is ON, verify that the Battery Charging Indicator shows sufficient charge for your ride. If the battery does not have sufficient charge for your ride, please refer to instructions on how to charge the battery. Be sure to turn the bike and battery power off when not in use or while recharging. START YOUR...