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Please charge the battery after its energy is consumed for 50% - 70% of its total energy, rather than waiting until the battery’s energy is fully consumed. Doing so ensures you extend your battery’s lifespan. Charge the battery pack to full after each long-distance ride. Do not charge the battery for a long time (in excess of 10 hours) in summer. Doing so may damage the battery. Recharge the battery once a month, even if your e-bike is in storage and not being used. The ideal charging temperature is between 32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C). Battery pack might not...


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To check the life of your battery, locate your battery pack on your e-bike. Find the side panel and press the battery button. Your battery pack will light up to indicate your e-bike’s current battery life. NOTE: You can still ride your e-bike as a regular bike while the battery is dead. FEATURES / PARTS Keyhole Battery Power Indicator Lights Charging Port Power Switch Powered Off Powered On Battery Dock Port Your e-bike's battery pack is removable. It is recommended you remove your battery pack if you are not riding your e-bike for extended periods of time, storing it, or...


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Fully charge your battery before your first ride and then after any operation, especially after long-distance riding. Park the e-bike where an electric outlet is available. With the battery off, insert the round charging plug of the charger into the charging port on your e-bike frame, and then plug the other end into a standard 100-240 volt AC outlet.  When the charging indicator turns red, the battery is charging. When the charging indicator turns green, charging is finished and the battery is fully charged. It takes up to 6 hours to fully charge a 10Ah battery pack. When the charging...